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Projects and Actions


Perinatal grief support

Wellness workshops

Babywearing nature walks



Perinatal courses focusing on


Pre and postnatal

babywearing workshops

Workshops to learn baby massage

Cultural activities


Family-Work Balance

(Sceau Concilivi)

Citizen group for midwifery

(Naître à la mère)


Pregnancy, childbirth, postnatal and everything surrounding the perinatal period can raise all sorts of questions and worries. It is therefore important to seek help when you feel the need. Our team of workers is trained and available to help you, at any time. If your needs go beyond our field of expertise, we can refer you to another professional or organization.

We also promote healthy lifestyles and the well-being of our community through thematic workshops, ie, yoga, meditation, doula support and hiking in nature.


In the fall of 2022, we developed a series of courses on co-parenting, in partnership with the Minister of Family.

These courses are divided into 3 parts:  

  1. Prenatal course: newborn feeding - becoming a parent

  2. Postnatal course 6-12 months: sleep, baby led weaning and parental well-being

  3. Postnatal course 12-18 months: weaning from breastfeeding, returning to work and compassionate parenting


We also invite health professionals to our activities so that they can share their knowledge, ie, baby massage, nutrition, perineal rehabilitation, pain management during labour and more. Perinatality is an infinite field of information. 


We are proud to represent our members before various public bodies to demand the optimization of services and practices in the community.

Here are some examples of our implications: 

  • The Sceau Concilivi 

  • The Milk Route

  • Collaboration with the citizen group for the improvement of perinatal care and exploring the possibilities for midwifery practice in the Islands

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